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Converting Heat to Dollars

When burning fossil fuels to produce useful energy, waste heat energy is always produced as a byproduct. Whether it is lost up a smokestack or out of a tailpipe, it is energy that is lost forever. How much energy? Well, automobiles and conventional steam generation plants are only 30% to 40% efficient. This means 60% to 70% of valuable fuel winds up as waste heat. Recovering just a fraction of this wasted energy represents a billion dolar opportunity.

TXL Group, Inc. is a Texas corporation that manufactures small scale thermoelectric solutions (today) and is developing large scale solutions (tomorrow) for capturing waste heat energy and turning it into dollars. The escalating cost of electrical power, coupled with incentives for green energy, creates a climate in which the capital costs of large scale deployments can be recovered within reasonable timeframes, after which the energy capture is free.

Thermoelectric generation is the direct conversion of heat energy into electrical energy. Unlike competing waste heat harvesting alternatives, like cogeneration and organic Rankine cycles, thermoelectric solutions may be scaled to fit the application. Generated electricity may be used locally or delivered into the electrical grid for remote use. There are no moving parts, and future opportunities are boundless -- electrical energy can be produced from geothermal heat, thermal gradients in ocean currents and even pavement heat!

It's an endless harvest.


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